Let our experienced professionals help you:
ENSURE regulatory compliance
IMPROVE operational efficiency
MITIGATE risk and
MAXIMIZE reimbursement


Let our experienced professionals help you ensure regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk and maximize reimbursement.

Regulatory compliance programs Train and educate Pharmacists on state and federal regulations; work with the Kentucky Pharmacists Association and Kentucky Board of Pharmacy to stay abreast of new regulations and legislation  during the legislative session.

Leah TolliverGuidance on Public Policy Serve as professional speaker to pharmacy organizations when state or federal policy is released that impact their business; educate pharmacy providers.

Reimbursement ServicesAssist pharmacies in negotiating reimbursement rates with third party plans and other payers whenever applicable.  Review rates and claims, maximizing reimbursement wherever possible.

Business System analysisReview revenues and expenses with goal of maximizing pharmacy profit margin.

Contract negotiationAssist pharmacists in negotiating contract terms and rates with vendors.  Assist with contract disputes.

Professional speaker – State and national pharmacy conferences.

Instructoradjunct associate professor for pharmacy technician certification program.

Audit Reconciliation – Assist pharmacies with third party auditing companies, helping to retain reimbursement dollars.

Ambulatory Surgery Center – Perform chart audits, review documentation,conduct narcotic reconciliation and perform medication room inspections.

Emergency preparednessrecruit and train volunteer pharmacists; develop emergency preparedness program for Kentucky pharmacies

DaveWrenBW2“Leah Tolliver has great operational and regulatory experience working with state boards of pharmacy and participating on boards of directors with pharmacy organizations at the state and national level. Additionally, she works on the legislative side and keeps up with the changes in reimbursement. As the rules change, she informs the providers and keeps them abreast of the necessary changes to their business.” -Dave Wren, President and Owner PCA Pharmacy